Top Weird Cultural Fests


The human race is comprised of myriads of people who embrace their own unique cultures. Every once in a while, a certain tribe or even the rest of the world will join hands and celebrate a certain festival. The most common and widely known among these include Halloween, Christmas and many others. However, there are some bizarre festivals, which people from different parts of the world celebrate. Some of these include mud fests. This alone will leave you with your mouth agape.

La TomatinaSpain

List of the Weirdest Festivals:

As if that is not enough some of them are extremely weird. If you are a person who likes going against the odds or who likes to stand out, then below is a list of the weirdest festivals in the world that you can participate in. Kanamara Matsuri When it comes to being weird, the Japanese beat them all and nothing proves that better like Kanamara Matsuri. It takes place every year in April and the human penis is the centre of it all. This is shown through pieces of art, eateries and even sweets.

There is a parade and at the centre of it all is a massive penis which Is usually carried by the locals to a shrine. The history of the fiesta is based on a woman who is said to have a hidden demon in her vagina. The demon known as vagina dentata had sharp teeth and castrated two men during her wedding nights. She sought help and the iron penis was made for her. Since then the festival is celebrated.Baby jumping yes you got me right. It takes place in Spain annually and the locals claim it helps cleanse the kids off their birth sins, protect them from diseases and evil spirits. It is also known as El Colacho and during this insane festival, recent babies are placed on a mattress on the streets. Afterwards, men dressed in a devil like attires jump over them.

La TomatinaSpain is also another country, which is famous for some strange fiestas. Every year On August, the streets become tomato soaked. The festival’s origin is as a result of a street fight which involved teenagers in the past. Now it is an international fest, which involves throwing tomatoes at each other.Testicles felt like the name suggests it definitely involves testicles and from different animals. It is quite famous and takes place in various parts of the world such as California, Montana, Illinois, and many others. Many famous and prominent people such as former U.S president Barrack Obama have once been participants. It generally involves eating fried

Fishing festival Just in case you think Africa is on the safe side in being weird, here is one to prove you wrong. This one takes place in Nigeria. As its title suggests, it involves fishing. Men try to outdo each other by trying to fish the biggest catch using their bare hands only. The man who emerges the winner takes the most beautiful woman home. The fiesta takes place in a small town known as Argungu.