Pacific Natural Organic Fertilizer

Fish Fertilizer – Organic Fertilizer Pumpkin Fertilizer


My name is Dave Pley, and I have been growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins now for 6 years near Nanaimo, British Columbia. Every year I have been trying different techniques and strategies in growing larger pumpkins.

The first 5 years as a giant pumpkin grower I tried using soluble fertilizers and granular commercial fertilizers. My results were not too bad with my biggest pumpkin reaching 676lbs. But I thought to myself………. I’m not getting any better results with this fertility program, and I wanted to try going the organic route.

In 2004 I discovered a fish fertilizer called Pacific Natural Organic Fresh Fish Fertilizer. It is OMRI certified for use in organic crop production. I liked this product immediately because it is very easy to spray in a hose end sprayer without clogging up. The fish has a very good consistency to mix in with water and you can use this product with other fertilizers. I use soluble seaweed together with Pacific Natural, and the pumpkin plants just love the stuff.

To grow these giant pumpkins, I incorporate large amounts of manure and leaves in the fall and plant my winter rye crop. In the spring I start the plants and set them out the 1st week in May. When the plants are at the seedling stage I mix a couple of tablespoons of Pacific Natural into 1 gallon of water for each of the plants once per week. Then, once the plants start to vine I increase the amount. When the plants start vining (usually 30 days from germination) I mix 1 cup of Pacific Natural into my sprayer and set the dilution to 18 gallons. For each cup of fish fertilizer, I spray 18 gallons of water through the hose end sprayer. This is done twice over my 3 plants one time per week starting June to mid-September. Note: always spray in the evening to prevent leaf burn from the sun. In mid-September, I stop fertilizing because the plants are not taking up food at this stage of their life cycle.


Since I started using this fish fertilizer I am happy to report that my giant pumpkin weights have gone up dramatically. The first year I used Pacific Natural my giant pumpkin weighed in at 837 lbs.


By using Pacific Natural I have noticed:

  • Much bigger root system
  • Much healthier plants overall
  • Bigger and greener leaves
  • Fewer disease problems
  • Faster growing plant
  • Bigger fruit and larger vine thickness

There is no doubt in my mind that using Pacific Natural has helped to maximize my soil building fertility program over the long haul.

This fertilizer is released into the soil slowly because fish oils are high in this product which seems to hold it in the soil and prevents nutrients from leaching out – kind of a time release effect, I think. So when the plant needs nutrients, its roots absorb them and aren’t being force fed. Other fish fertilizers don’t have this oil content.

I guarantee using 
Pacific Natural will result in a healthier, better tasting, higher yielding vegetable garden for anyone wanting better results with minimal costs.
Solubles like 15-30-15 are a rapid feed fertilizer which doesn’t last and they are also full of salt, which will damage the soil causing roots to stop absorbing moisture, resulting in wilting and root diseases.