Ensemble of Pumpkins at Germany: The World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival!


Ludwigsburg, one of the best destinations in Germany. You will always have a feeling to get back here once you have seen how pleasingly pretty this place is. But wait we are not going to talk about the destinations here, nor are we going to guide you on tourism packages. We are simply here to remind you that this German destination is not only known for its historical significance but also for the world class event that is filled with loads of fun. It is nothing but the Pumpkin festival. If you are going to spend that part of the year in Germany when the pumpkin festival celebrations are on, you must be fortunate!

Pumpkin Festival

History Of The Pumpkin Festival:

  • The idea behind the invention of the pumpkin festival was to bring the merchants of downtown back to life. Remember the days 1991, when few of the major countries faced depression, downtown was on the verge of collapsing. Then from somewhere came this Pumpkin festival that added delight to the lives of the people.
  • Soon it gained fame, and people started welcoming visitors from all over the idea. The idea was simple but different and attractive. All they had to do was to carve a pumpkin and simply help each other break a record in the world.
  • It was broadcasted on television, and the news about pumpkin festival started spreading. One magical morning, the world should in front of the gates of Downtown to celebrate this festival.
  • Gradually the festival rose to fame. One people came to know about it a large population started gathering every year to be a part of that event.
  • Now, a lot of world countries organize this event every year, and there is a tough pumpkin war that is happening between the countries.
  • The whole of this credit does to Nancy Sporborg, who is believed to have started the event in the year 1991 and held it all by herself for 7 years, that is from 1991 to 1995 and in 1999 and 2000.

The Largest Pumpkin Festival:

  • With a large pack of more than 40,000 pumpkins and residents from all around the world the pumpkin festival at Ludwigsburg, Germany is the largest. It is considered as the best pumpkin event in history. This year the pumpkin festival is going to be held in the month of October.
  • Along with this festival in 2017, the European Weigh Championship will also take place, which definitely adds a lot more excitement into the hearts.
  • The festival comprises a lot of art work and creativity from the part of the visitors who belong to different ethnicities.
  • Of course, when so many pumpkins lie on the floor with nobody to take care of it, you can buy as many as you want cook deliciously.